Our Mission:
"Reverse innovation or trickle-up innovation is a term referring to an innovation seen first, or likely to be used first, in the developing world before spreading to the industrialized world"

Professor Vijay Govindarajan - rated as the number three management guru in the world by Thinkers50 in 2011.

Reverse innovation has been identified as a key emerging trend in global health systems. Key health areas where low-income countries have offered solutions to medium and high-income country settings include, rural health service delivery; skills substitution; decentralisation of management; creative problem-solving; education in communicable disease control; innovation in mobile phone use; low technology simulation training; local product manufacture; health financing; and social entrepreneurship.

Buona Fortuna Medical Pvt Ltd. based in Hyderabad, India strongly believes reverse innovation is the only answer to rising healthcare costs, ever increasing healthcare service demand, and shortage of well-trained medical staff worldwide. Our sole aim is to create, develop, and distribute healthcare solutions which are innovative yet so simple, advanced yet so affordable, and most of all International yet so Indian.